MonaVie® Juice – MonaVie Ingredients

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MonaVie Ingredients AçaVie® (Acai Berry) MonaVie has taken it even further, creating a groundbreaking complex: AçaVie®, the purest, most potent form of acai berry available. Consisting of acai berry and jucara freeze-dried powder and puree as well as Enlivenox® (an acai berry concentrate that boasts 10 times more polyphenols than traditional acai berry), AçaVie® utilizes […]

Study Finds Wellmune ® Reduces Immune Suppression


Wellmune A study conducted by the University of Houston demonstrated that “Wellmune” helps to reduce the immune suppression that occurs after high-intensity exercise. The findings of the study were recently presented at a symposium for the International Society of Exercise Immunology. Wellmune Study by University of Houston The immune systems of athletes who participate in […]

World Progress Report on MonaVie®

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World Progress Report on MonaVie If you are familiar with the World Progress Report television series, broadcast via public television, you may have seen significant interviews with prominent figures such as President George Bush, Colin Powell, Donald Trump, Martin Sheen, and Gary Sinise, as well as major universities like Yale and Berkeley. We are pleased […]

Monavie Health Juice – A New Generation of MonaVie®

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MonaVie Health Juice At Convention, distributors learned that an integral element in the future of MonaVie is unlocking the wellness potential of every product we deliver. Because MonaVie is dedicated to scientific research, our products will continue to be made better as we continue to learn more about their health-providing ingredients. In fact, our “MonaVie […]

INFORMED CHOICE Supplements and MonaVie EMV™

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INFORMED CHOICE Supplements MonaVie EMV Certified by Premier Banned Substance Testing Program MonaVie® is pleased to announce that its healthy energy drink, MonaVie EMV, has been tested and certified by INFORMED CHOICE Supplements, one of the most reliable high-quality testing programs in existence. This confirms that MonaVie EMV is free of banned substances identified by professional, […]